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Magnetic Island Luggage Policy

  • Carry-on luggage
    • Passengers are welcome to travel with carry-on luggage at the time of boarding, while complying with our Carriage of Dangerous Goods Policy, Size & Weight Guide and Additional Requirements detailed herein.
    • The number of carry-on luggage items permitted is restricted to the amount a passenger can carry in one trip to the vessel during boarding.
    • Passengers are responsible for managing their own luggage within the terminal. SeaLink cannot store any luggage at any time at the Breakwater or Nelly Bay terminals. Coin-operated luggage lockers are available.
    Mobility Aids
    • Passengers with mobility aids, medical supplies, prams, porta-cots, and children’s car seats will be permitted to carry these items in addition to their luggage, with crew assistance where required.
    • Suitcases, bags, prams & mobility aids can be stored inside the passenger cabins, subject to available space. All other types of luggage must be transported on the outer decks. Please ask our friendly crew for any clarification.
    • SeaLink accepts no responsibility for loss of, or damage to luggage, or for consequential damages arising therefrom whether sustained during off-loading or transportation, and whether arising from negligence, malfunction of the vessel or other cause, except to the extent that the exclusion of such liability is prohibited by law.
    • All luggage must be stowed in accordance with the crew’s directions and must not restrict access to safety equipment, aisles or emergency exits.
    • SeaLink reserves the right to refuse to carry luggage that does not comply with our policies, or due to limited available space on our vessels.
    • Passengers wanting to travel with any items falling outside of this Luggage Policy, or with excess luggage items, are to contact our friendly team for information on alternative travel options available.
  • Each piece of luggage and carry on item should meet the following requirements:

    • Total linear length to not exceed 170cm (height + width + depth). This does not include the length of the handle attached to a piece of luggage or trolley.
    • Maximum weight: 20kg .
    • Maximum width: 80cm under maximum weight 20kg
    ExampleHeightWidthDepthMax Weight






  • Animals and pets
    Animals & Pets

    Refer to our Control of Animals Policy. Assistance and service animals are exempt from muzzling, containment and seating restrictions outlined in the Policy.

    Bikes, scooters, skateboards, skates, rollerblades

    These items are permitted to be brought on as carry on items. Please note:

    • Riding during boarding, disembarkation or voyage is NOT permitted.
    • Electric versions must be switched off during boarding, disembarkation, or voyage.
    • Charging of e-bikes and e-scooters is not permitted on board SeaLink vessels or in SeaLink terminals.
    • Damaged e-bikes and e-scooters are not permitted on board.
    • As these items are stored on outer decks, customers wanting protection from sea spray are advised to bring their own cover. Internal stowage of e-bikes and e-scooters is not permitted.
    • Bicycles packed in appropriate travel bags and boxes are permitted on-board as carry on luggage.
    • Bike trailers are not permitted.
    Danger Sign
    Dangerous goods

    The following dangerous items are permitted on board under our Carriage of Dangerous Goods Policy – refer to the policy for specific requirements prior to boarding and whilst on board:

    • Dry batteries (non-spillable)
    • Compressed Gas Bottle – Medical oxygen only
    • Water based paints
    • Firearms
    • Empty jerry cans
    Fishing gear
    Fishing equipment
    • Lures and hooks must be removed from fishing rods prior to boarding.
    • Spear guns and spears are to be handed to vessel crew during boarding for safe stowage.
    • In addition, any sharp objects must be stored in a safe and appropriate manner as directed by crew.
    Groups or Bulky Sporting Equipment

    People travelling together with multiple carry-on items or bulky sporting equipment are to contact our friendly team for information on travel options available, to ensure a comfortable travel experience. (eg: sporting groups, school groups, tour groups, camping groups).

    Hot drinks
    Hot drinks

    The cup/container holding the liquid must have a secure, tight-fitting lid, and is not permitted to be removed during the journey.

    Passenger Trolleys

    Beach Trolleys

    • Foldable beach trolleys are able to be taken to Magnetic Island, however they need to be folded and stowed for the ferry voyage.
    • Beach trolleys are required to be empty and folded prior to boarding the vessel.
    • Folded beach trolleys and any additional items are to be placed in the designated area on board as directed by the crew.

    Upright Trolleys:

    • Upright trolleys with small base dimensions are permitted to travel on board our ferries (eg: hand trolleys, stock trolleys, market trolleys).
    • Upright trolleys, including their contents, must meet the Size & Weight Guide in our Luggage Policy.

  • Items or substances classed as dangerous goods - refer to SeaLink’s Carriage of dangerous goods policy for details

    Bulky or Awkward items, for example:
    • Sharp objects (fishing equipment permitted as outlined above)
    • Glass panels
    • Furniture and large appliances– including large screen TVs
    • Tyres
    • Bike trailers
    • Cement and plaster bags
    • Fertiliser
    • Car parts
    Machinery / Equipment items, for example:
    • Hot water cylinder
    • Generator
    • Barbecue