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App and E-Tickets FAQs

Magnetic Island E-Tickets

SeaLink's upgraded electronic ticketing solution offers a new faster way to travel across our North Queensland services. The changes will offer an easier and more convenient way to pay and will encourage more people to book their trip prior to arrival at the terminal. The new system will also save time by reducing queuing, as guests will be able to go directly to the gate without having to collect a boarding pass first.

This upgrade helps us to continue to offer new ways to travel replacing the older paper ticketing system.

“Go SeaLink Ferries” Commuter App

SeaLink North Queensland launched the “Go SeaLink Ferries” Commuter App offering a faster, easier and more convenient way to pay and travel across our vessels.

The App is free to download and is integrated with our booking system, so bookings are made nice and simple and kept in one place for easy access when checking in or travelling. The app can also securely store your credit card information to make purchases faster and easier.

Another great feature is that you can check the live timetable within the app & any additional services will be listed. It will also remove any cancelled services so those wanting the most accurate information in real-time should be encouraged to download the app!

So how do I get it? Just search "Go Sealink Ferries" in your smart device app store. Download the app and create an account.

This upgrade helps us to continue to offer new ways to travel replacing the older paper ticketing system so no more worries about losing it as it is all saved under your profile on the App.

For those that prefer to buy in person, you can still purchase your ferry tickets in our terminals and on our vessels.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An Electronic Ticket or E-Ticket replaces the hard copy printed ticket system and is more efficient and sustainable. These tickets have a barcode for crew to scan entry onto our vessel and to streamline boarding. A digital copy on a mobile phone or device or a printed copy of these tickets are required to be presented prior to boarding.

  • Our ferry tickets can already be purchased through our website. Once E-tickets come into place in mid March, our current hard copy ferry ticket will be replaced with a scannable bar code which will be emailed to you from the website. This means no longer lining up in the queue at the terminal to purchase or collect your online boarding pass.

  • All our fares remain the same online as in the terminal or vessel. The good news is for our Magnetic Island Adult Return ticket it is actually cheaper to purchase online then in the terminal or on the vessel.

  • Yes when you purchase your fare online you will have an electronic ticket or E-Ticket emailed to you with a bar code which our crew will scan before boarding. You no longer need to line up to buy a ticket at the sales counter to get a paper boarding pass and we are saving the environment at the same time.

  • Yes you will be able to travel on concession or student fares. If you are travelling on a student / concession fare, you must present your photo ID card when boarding. If you are an island local travelling on a Student School Pass, we will replace your current photo ID card and issue you with a new one that you must present when boarding.

  • Yes, our multi trip tickets are available online at the same price. The same terms and conditions of travel for multi-trip and frequent traveller tickets is applicable for these fare types.

  • Please ensure the brightness of your screen on your phone or device is turned up to be scanned. Any online booking is traceable, and the crew can also manually enter the numbers off the barcode from your digital / printed ticket. We also recommend taking a screenshot of your ticket in case you do not have wi-fi during your trip.

  • No, our standard credit card fees and surcharges apply online as they do in the terminal or on the vessel, but there are no additional charges.

  • We need to update you current monthly, 6-monthly, concession and student cards and replace with a new card with a barcode on it.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate battery life on your smart phone/ device when you start of your trip for our staff to scan your barcode for travel. If not, we can scan the barcode from a printed hard copy of your ticket, or a new ticket will need to be purchased.

  • Yes! Our friendly team will still be selling tickets in the terminal and onboard the vessels and can accept all forms of payment, including cash.

  • As soon as a service is amended in our booking system it will be updated on the app. You will be able to see additional services available during peak times and cancelled services will not be displayed. If the service is running late this may not appear on the live timetable, however. our standard procedure will still apply: all affected customers will be notified if their service is cancelled or delayed.

  • Sometimes things don’t go as planned… If you are having trouble logging in or accessing your purchased tickets please email [email protected] with the ticket booking number, your name, contact details and screenshots. This feedback will allow us to update and improve the app.