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About the Bay Islands

An aerial shot of a ferry at the terminal

Easily accessed by vehicle or passenger ferry from Redland Bay, these delightful subtropical islands offer abundant natural attractions and a taste of an idyllic island lifestyle to visitors.

With regular ferry services operating daily between the islands, you can explore more than one island in a day. In the protected channels and waterways of Moreton Bay surrounding the Bay Islands, dolphins, turtles, and dugongs can often be seen in the pristine waters. Here you will find plentiful opportunities to enjoy safe swimming, snorkeling, boating, and water sports such as kayaking.

The four islands are rich in flora and fauna and edged with mangrove foreshores interspersed with sandy beaches. Bird lovers will be enthralled by the annual visits by migratory birds from Japan and China, as well as many non-migratory species. The islands of Southern Moreton Bay are precious and fragile, so it is important that residents and visitors enjoy, protect, and appreciate nature’s gift. The friendly local communities are welcoming, whether you are visiting for the day or staying longer.

Inter-island travel is easy with ferries operating on a regular basis. Accommodation properties range from small cottages to large waterfront houses, many of which are pet friendly with bay views. An affordable getaway for families, couples, and friends, the islands allow the opportunity to stay in one spot but go island hopping or explore the rest of Redlands Coast. A variety of supermarkets, cafés, and general stores cater for all your needs, or you can enjoy a meal at a local club.

  • Tropical trees line the shore.

    Macleay Island

    Macleay is a peaceful island, impressive bushland shelters myriad birdlife, and many beautiful homes overlook the tranquil waters of Moreton Bay.
  • Russell Island

    The largest of the Southern Moreton Bay group of islands, Russell Island lies between the mainland and North Stradbroke Island.
  • An aerial shot of a ferry at the terminal

    Lamb Island

    Known by the Aboriginal people of Moreton Bay as Nguderoo, or paperbark trees, Lamb Island is the second smallest of the Southern Moreton Bay group of islands.
  • An aerial shot of Karragarra island

    Karragarra Island

    Karragarra is the smallest of the four islands, nestled between Russell and Macleay. Karra, as it’s affectionately known by locals, remains a delightful destination for picnickers and nature lovers.