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Terms and conditions

By purchasing a ticket, SeaLink NT Pty Ltd ACN 165 036 297 (SeaLink) passengers agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of travel:

1. SeaLink is not a common carrier and reserves the rights to refuse to carry any passenger, baggage or goods at its discretion.

2. As a passenger, you agree that you will accept the delivery of services from SeaLink at your own risk.

3. Timetables and services are subject to change without notice.

SeaLink will not be liable for any loss or damage, howsoever or whatsoever caused, as a consequence or arising, indirectly or directly, out of the provisions of services to a passenger, including, loss and/or damage occasioned by SeaLink and/or its agents and/or its employees negligence.

The passenger hereby undertakes to abide by the following Code of Conduct:

  • All passengers must hold or purchase a valid ticket.
  • The passenger shall present themselves at the terminal a minimum of thirty (30) minutes prior to their service's scheduled departure time. (15 minutes for Mandorah services)
  • SeaLink staff reserve the right to refuse travel to any passenger with an invalid or illegible ticket.
  • SeaLink ferry tickets are not transferable and are non refundable.
  • The passenger agrees to produce a concession card or proof of identification at the request of SeaLink staff.
  • Activities such as cycling, rollerskating, skateboarding and other such potentially hazardous behaviour are strictly prohibited within the terminals or onboard the ferry. Criminal charges may apply.
  • The passenger shall not distribute any advertising materials or offer any product for sale within the terminals or on board the ferry.
  • SeaLink staff shall strictly enforce all applicable liquor licensing legislation in the remote areas of its services.
  • For safety reasons, passengers who are deemed to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will be refused travel and ticket voided.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the terminals and on board the ferry.
  • The passenger shall not board, or alight from, or attempt to board or alight from the ferry whilst it is in motion, or without permission from the crew. Civil penalties may apply.
  • Where the passenger is travelling with a dog, the passenger must be seated in the outdoor seating areas on board the ferry and ensure the dog is muzzled and restrained at all times whilst in the terminals or on board the ferry. Seating restrictions do not apply where the passenger is travelling with a guide or assistance dog. All other animals must be appropriately caged or restrained.
  • Verbally or physically abusive or threatening behaviour of any nature is strictly prohibited within the terminal and on board the ferry. Criminal charges may apply.
  • School students travelling on the ferry are required to abide by the Transport Code of Conduct for school bus travel.
  • All children 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when travelling outside the official school runs.
  • For health and safety reasons, it is a condition of travel that shoes and clean attire must be worn by all passengers.
  • The Tiwi Islands, Groote Eylandt, Bickerton Island and Numbulwar have an alcohol management plan and it is a condition of entry aboard the SeaLink vessel that all bags and luggage may be inspected by crew on request. Please do not bring alcohol to these communities as severe penalties will apply including criminal charges and withdrawal of ferry service travel.

    • The luggage allowance is strictly limited to 20kg per person.
    • Due to Workplace Health and Safety regulations, SeaLink staff are unable to carry or assist with heavy luggage
    • Passengers are responsible for managing their own luggage. Passengers requiring assistance with boarding and/or disembarking the ferry should seek assistance from a crew member when boarding commences
    • All luggage is to be stowed in accordance with crew's directions and should not restrict access to safety equipment or block aisles or emergency exits
    • SeaLink takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to luggage in terminals or on board the ferries
    • SeaLink reserves the right to refuse to carry luggage that does not comply with our Luggage Policy or Dangerous Goods Code. The vessel's Master has the final decision
    • Multi tickets may be used for a maximum of 2 passengers per trip.
    • Multi/weekly/fortnightly/monthly tickets are not refundable and will not be replaced if lost.
    • Pre-booked services are not available on the multi ticket. If you wish to pre-book and hold a confirmed place on a particular service, please purchase a full fare.
    • Weekly, fortnightly, monthly and annual tickets are not transferable, and are valid for use only by the passenger named on the ticket. These tickets must be produced each time you travel, alternatively you will be required to purchase another ticket for that trip.
  • Cancellation of bookings will incur the following fees:

    • More than 30 days before departure - nil fees
    • Between 7 and 30 days before departure - 50% of total cost
    • Less than 7 days before departure - 80% of total cost
    • Within 24 hours of departure or non arrival (no show) - 100% of total cost
    • SeaLink does not carry unaccompanied freight unless a formal account arrangement is in place. Casual unaccompanied freight services are not available. Freight will only be accepted up to twenty (20) minutes prior to scheduled service's departure. Freight arriving after this time will be sent on the next service
    • Charges apply for freight based on weight
    • Due to Workplace Health and Safety regulations, SeaLink cannot accept freight that exceeds 20kg or one cubic metre in size
    • SeaLink reserves the right to refuse to carry freight that does not comply with our Freight Policy or Dangerous Goods Code and the vessel's Master has the final decision
    • SeaLink takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to freight
    • No freight is to be left in any SeaLink terminal overnight.
  • To comply with the Dangerous Goods Code, SeaLink vessels are not permitted to carry the following as freight or luggage:

    • wet cell batteries
    • cement and plaster bags
    • oil based paint
    • machinery (unless brand new)
    • sulphuric acid
    • industrial cleaners
    • corrosives
    • pool chlorine
    • used paint tins
    • tyres
    • radioactive materials
    • sharp objects and glass panels
    • petrol and diesel
    • explosives
    • oxy/acetylene
    • dirty car parts
    • compressed gasses
    • fertilizer
    • engine oil and fuel
    • furniture
    • combustion engines