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Groote Eylandt ferry timetable

An aerial shot of Groote Eyelandt

SeaLink Northern Territory operates ferry services between Groote Eylandt, Bickerton Island and Numbulwar.

The ferry service does not operate on weekends.

Please note that the ferry timetable is subject to change without notice. Ferry services operate subject to safe weather conditions.

  • Numbulwar ferry services

    Please note that the ferry service from Groote Eylandt to Numbulwar does not operate from May to October. This is due to the seasonal rough weather in the region and the low demand for services over this time. Bi-weekly services to Numbulwar operate on Tuesdays and Thursdays, November to April.

    Groote Eylandt - Bickerton Island


    DayDepart Groote EylandtDepart Bickerton IslandDepart NumbulwarDepart Groote EylandtDepart Bickerton Island
    Monday 11 Dec8:00 am9:00 am-2:30pm3:30pm
    Tuesday 12 Dec9:30am10:30am1:30pm4:30pm5:30pm
    Wednesday 13 Dec8:00am9:00am-2:30pm3:30pm
    Thursday 14 Dec11:00am12:00pm3:00pm--
    Friday 15 Dec8:00am9:00am-2:30pm3:30pm
  • Operates Monday to Friday.

    The bus fare is $5 per person. Children 4 yrs and under are free of charge.

    Bus routeTime
    Alyangula to Umbakumba7:30 AM
    Umbakumba to Angurugu8:40 AM
    Angurugu Store to Alyangula Mall9:30 AM
    Alyangula Mall to the ferry landing9:50 AM
    Ferry landing to Alyangula Mall10:00 AM
    Alyangula Mall to Angurugu10:30 AM
    Angurugu to Umbakumba11:00 AM
    Umbakumba to Angurugu11:45 AM
    Angurugu to Alyangula Mall12:30 PM
    Alyangula Mall to Angurugu2:30 PM
    Angurugu to Umbakumba2:45 PM
    Umbakumba to Angurugu3:30 PM
    Angurugu to Alyangula ferry landing4:15 PM
    Ferry Landing to Alyangula Mall4:30 PM
    Alyangula Mall to Angurugu4:45 PM
    Angurugu to Alyangula5:00 PM