Kangaroo Island Resident Booking, Payment and Cancellation Conditions

  1. Your Internet Login and Password are confidential and must not be released to any persons not listed with SeaLink as a registered Kangaroo Island Resident. Only listed Kangaroo Island Residents can be booked using your Login.
  2. Family and Friends bookings cannot be booked on the SeaLink website and must be made by contacting our Sales Centre on 13 13 01 or 08 8551 7222.
  3. Bookings made for non-listed Kangaroo Island Residents using your Kangaroo Island Resident Internet Login will result in online privileges being revoked for a 12 month period (and any difference in monies between Kangaroo Island Resident fares and Family & Friends fares will be required to be paid prior to travel).
  4. If you make your bookings online, a further ‘WEB’ discount will be given (excluding some special offers). The discount is currently $2 per person each way and $4 per vehicle each way.
  5. If you need to change your booking prior to travel, there is no loss of web discount if changing your booking online but for changes made through our Sales Centre, the web discount will be forfeited. Any additional monies will be required prior to travel.
  6. Please ensure that you check in a minimum of a half an hour prior to your scheduled departure.
  7. To make a booking a deposit of $50 per person is required. Final payments must reach The SeaLink Travel Group no later than 30 days prior to departure. For bookings made online or within 30 days of travel date, full payment should be received at the time of booking.
  8. Registered Kangaroo Island Residents are currently exempt from the SeaLink Travel Group’s Standard Cancellation Fees and Amendment Fees. If a booking or part thereof is cancelled, monies will be held in credit for future travel within 12 months.
  9. For Family and Friends fares, SeaLink Travel Group’s Standard Cancellation Fees apply.
  10. For all other SeaLink Terms and Conditions including Conditions of Ferry Passage, please see SeaLink's standard terms & conditions page.
  11. Sealink reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for Kangaroo Island Residents at any time.