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SeaLink North Queensland's Animals Policy

A koala hangs by a rope in a cage

Control of animals policy

To ensure passenger, staff and crew safety, a person in charge of an animal must have control of the animal at all times while on SeaLink premises.

People with animals are required to wait for a ferry in the designated outdoor seating area, they are not permitted to wait around high transit areas, such as alongside doorways and gateways.

Requirements when waiting in the terminal, boarding a ferry and when seated on board a ferry with a pet or other animal:

  • Animals that are not clean, appear vicious or likely to annoy, threaten or inconvenience other customers will not be allowed on a ferry.
  • Dogs must be wearing a muzzle (refer below) and are required to sit on the outer decks (dogs too small for a muzzle are to comply to the next point). Travel in enclosed ferry cabins may be permitted if weather conditions or proximity to larger dogs do not permit safe travel on outer decks.
  • Animals other than dogs must be restrained in a suitable box, basket or other container at all times while on board the ferry (including dogs that are too small for a muzzle). They are permitted to travel in enclosed ferry cabins if the container used will contain any mess the animal will make; and
  • If an animal becomes too noisy or bothers other passengers a crew member can request the animal be relocated to another area on the ferry.
  • Animals are not allowed on seats and must not obstruct passageways.
  • Passengers should keep their animal away from other travelling animals to ensure the safety and comfort of other passengers and pets.
  • Animals will not be carried as freight and must be with their owner for the duration of travel.
  • The ferry master may refuse to allow the animal on the ferry if the vessel is reaching its capacity.

Dogs & Muzzles

Dogs must be muzzled and restrained at all times whilst inside the terminal, in outdoor waiting areas and on board a ferry.

  • Dog owners need to make sure that the muzzle they buy will fit their dog’s snout.
  • SeaLink Qld sells soft adjustable muzzles in the sales terminal and on board all ferries.
  • Dogs that are too small to fit a muzzle, are to be contained within a suitable box, basket or other container, as described above.
  • Restraints which act as a muzzle only when a dog pulls on their lead (eg: Halti) are not acceptable types of muzzle. Dogs presenting through the terminal or for boarding with such restraints will be denied travel, access through the terminal or to outdoor waiting areas.
Dog muzzles examples

Native Animals

Where native animals are accompanied by an accredited and trained handler, they are permitted to travel inside the ferry cabin. Handlers are required to abide by the control & containment requirements as outlined in sections above for pets.


  • Livestock such as goats and pigs will not be carried.
  • Chickens, ducks and similar are allowed as long as they are in a suitable container as outlined in sections above.
  • They must not travel in enclosed ferry cabin areas unless weather conditions do not permit safe travel on outer decks.

Exceptions - Assistance Animals

Assistance animals, security animals, police animals and those animals in training are allowed throughout SeaLink North Queensland terminals and ferries. Seating restrictions, containment and muzzling requirements do not apply.

Assistance animals are to wear an easily recognisable coat, harness, collar or lead. Passengers accompanied by an assistance dog, including trainers, are to also carry an identity card should the crew request this.

Animals and owners who do not abide by this policy, will be denied access to the terminal and on board the ferries.