Assessment of submissions

Submissions will be assessed with the outcome being advised as soon as practicable. If successful, the applicant will be asked to enter into a written sponsorship agreement with SeaLink.

General Sponsorship Conditions and Information

  1. SeaLink does not provide cash sponsorship. Support will only be given in the form of travel vouchers only consisting of SeaLink products and/or services.
  2. It is to be noted that any travel voucher that is provided is given in good faith by SeaLink and will have travel condition dates attached to it. If the voucher is being used as a prize or auction item, these conditions must be made clear to the prospective purchaser or prize winner.
  3. Applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the event to allow sufficient time for SeaLink to assess the request and respond.
  4. Dependent on the size of the event, the applicant must provide a marketing plan or details on where SeaLink will be recognised. If the marketing of the event has already commenced, SeaLink will not consider the sponsorship request.
  5. Personal sponsorship is not accepted. Applications must show commercial or community benefits.
  6. The sponsorship agreement will detail the deliverables that are required for sponsorship to be guaranteed. If the applicant cannot meet these requirements, the agreement will be terminated.
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