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Kangaroo Island, like most of South Australia has a Mediterranean climate - although slightly more temperate. Summers are warm with cool evenings and winter is often a little warmer than the mainland. From March to June, the weather is often spectacular with long, balmy days and calm seas.

Be sure to take warm, layered clothing in the winter months of June through to September.  At any time however, comfortable, casual clothing is the order of the day.  Evening dining in any of the island’s restaurants or bistros is a relaxed experience, so neat, casual clothing is very acceptable.

If you plan to do some walking, take some boots or sturdy shoes and at all times, hats and sunscreen are recommended.  A reasonable degree of fitness is required to enjoy some attractions on some of the marked and unmarked bush trails.  Attractions such as Seal Bay, Admiral’s Arch and Remarkable Rocks now feature walking tracks and boardwalks to protect both you and the fragile ecosystems. 

Annual Climate

  Max.Av. (oC) Min. Av. (oC) Rainfall  Av. (mm)
Jan  24.3  16  13
Feb  24.1  16.1  14
Mar  22.4  15.1  22.6
Apr  20.3  13.2  28.7
May  18.1  11.4  51.8
Jun  16  9.6  69.4
Jul  15  8.5  77.8
Aug  15.5  9  74
Sep  17.3  10  51.6
Oct  19.1  11  39.7
Nov  20.9  12.9  17.7
Dec  22.4  14.3  19.9

Source: Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology


Winter 1 June - 31 August: Winter brings spectacular, lush green countryside with flowing rivers and abundant wildlife.  

Spring 1 September - 30 November: Spring is the season of rebirth with wildflowers, birds and mammals being plentiful.

Summer 1 December - 28 February: Wildlife retreats to bushland habitats for shelter in the heat of the day.  Golden pastures, summer wildflowers and new growth of native trees fill the landscape.  The beaches are at their stunning best.

Autumn 1 March - 31 May: Pastures begin to green up, waterways and catchments begin to flow.  This is a time for transition, a stunning time of the year with warm days and calm seas.

Wildlife and Natural Events Calendar

Kangaroo Island is often likened to the Galapagos Islands with its natural wildlife and scenic beauty. The island sees a menagerie of wildlife present all year round such as Kangaroo Island kangaroos, Tammar wallabies, echidna, bottle-nosed dolphins, Australian sea-lions and New Zealand fur seals.

Kangaroo Island is lucky to see many delightful wildlife events throughout the year such as the annual breeding of the little penguins in Autumn or Southern right whales in winter making their way back to antarctic waters.

To see a table of seasonal wildlife and natural events, view and download a copy of the Kangaroo Island wildlife and natural events calendar here.